Create Delivery App

Build your delivery app with real-time tracking & updates. Make multiple deliveries through the most optimized routes to reduce delivery cost and time

Get Customer App, Delivery Agent App & Manager Dashboard

Build the complete on-demand delivery suite. A customer can request services hassle-free through mobile and web apps. Allow your customers to track their service in real-time and make online payments through multiple payment gateways.

Uber-like Delivery Tracking & Alerts for Customers/Managers

Keep your customers updated throughout the order delivery lifecycle by sending them real-time SMS alerts at various stages. Uber-like delivery agent tracking on live maps and allow customers to chat with their assigned agents.

Route Optimization for Multiple Deliveries

Our Route Optimization engines pick up the most optimized routes enabling you to make multiple deliveries efficiently. Make exceptional on-time deliveries at a lower cost with the best delivery management software Tookan.

Manage Deliveries for Your Industry

Box Delivery

Food Delivery

Fish & Meat Delivery

Movers & Packers

Flowers Delivery

Grocery Delivery

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Delivery Agent App

Auto delivery dispatch Route optimization & navigation Task alerts & reminders Agent's earnings

Manager Dashboard

Bird's eye business view Agent GPS tracking & task status Agent performance engagement Manage rating and reviews

Customer App

On-demand delivery app for customers Real-time delivery tracking and status updates Customer chat with assigned agents Payments through multiple payment gateways

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Power-packed Features

Manage All Deliveries at One Place

Bird's eye dashboard to manage and track everything in a single window panel.

Auto Pickup & Delivery Dispatch

Automate your delivery dispatch to the nearest and free delivery agent.

Real-Time Agent Tracking

Delivery agents can be tracked live on an interactive map with their progress updates

Performance Analytics

Get useful insights to identify operational bottlenecks, evaluate driver performance & more.


Integrate your existing delivery order management portals and website to Tookan App.

Ratings & Reviews

Allow customers to rate their delivery experience and gain service feedback.